A Year On Tangier Island

I arrived on Tangier Island, on August 3, 2010, to begin my year as Artist-in-Residence.

One of my goals this year is to paint a painting a day.

I call these small, passionate paintings; color sketches. They are intended to capture a moment in time. These paintings (8 x 10) allow me to explore and experiment. I spend only an hour or two, on each one. 

The freedom is in the small investment, individually. The impact and wealth will be in the collective assembly of approximately 300 paintings, as a single body of work. Placed side by side, after a year of painting, it will give the viewer a true sense of the seasons and changes on this remarkable island.

My "year" on Tangier has come and gone and still I live out here and paint. I am now the Director of the Tangier History Museum and continue to paint the island and her people.  See article about my work under the “Magazine Articles” tab.

Each painting is 8x10 , oil on gessoed board - $400